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1. About Remo.co

Remo.co is the #1 app for bringing your team's custom virtual space, that provides a visual top-down view, 2-D map for interactive communication. Using Remo, your teams can naturally experience all the benefits of a physical workspace such as communicating, connecting, and collaborating with each other in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

Remo.co - Happy Hour for Remote Teams

Ho Yin Cheung, the founder of Remo.co, is a remote worker. He truly understood the inconvenience of remote working and he decided to group a team that is all remote workers to design an app that can solve this issue. Remo.co was born to carry the mission that helps remote companies can flourish by having fun, strengthening bonds, improving communication and productivity.

Remo.co designs their app that can be customized for every customer’s needs. With Remo, you can set up an event, mastermind, workshop or team building activity, and much more. Just by staying ar the same room, you can immediately interact with coworkers. To ensure that you and your teammates have a successful meeting or any activities, their app is built with a system called Remo Test, which can be used to check your webcam, microphone, and speaker output. And don’t worry about Remo.co pricing, they offer you a 14-day Trial before making a payment to let you see Remo is actually worth your money.

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Remo.co Reviews

“Remo helps me provide in-person networking – online, accessible to a global audience everywhere, easy to use and set up in seconds.” - Jimmy Newson

“If we didn’t provide interactive engagement opportunities for our audience through Remo, we’d miss that in-person networking feeling, it’s now 5x our engagement” - Rachel McGehee

“I love that I can work remotely with my team at ease. One of the biggest problems I encounter when working remotely is being able to initiate communication or present ideas as the person might be away from the computer. With Remo, I'm able to be on standby with my teammates if they need to look for me, essentially the same as if I was in an office with them and I were to walk over to their table to ask for their help.” - Zewin L.

“We have a fully remote team of 15 people, and a "virtual office" app like Remo is vital to clearly communicate online presence and status, provide team members with the ability to quickly video-call each other throughout the workday with minimum hassle, and foster a sense of belonging to a bigger team.” - Mark V.

2. Outstanding Features at Remo.co

Remo.co - Face to Face Interaction

HD Video & Audio: Remo provides perfect quality of video and audio which are used in your room to deliver a great experience.

No downloads or installation required: No additional software need to download, you can directly begin Remo with your browser.

Quick & Easy Setup: Remo is designed to offer you a quick & easy setup. It only takes 15 seconds or less to make a customized room setting.

Group Screen sharing: For interactive engagement and groups conversations, Remo offers up to 8 screen shares

Polls, Q&A Voting: To make your conversations effective, Remo also provides a Poll, Q&A Voting Tool to engage the attendees.

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5. Remo.co FAQs

How to find the best deal on Remo.co?

Remo.co has partnered with a few famous coupon sites to make it as convenient as possible for customers to access the best Remo.co deals.

Does Remo.co have any working coupons right now?

Yes. You can swipe up to see top results. Those are the best valid Remo.co coupons.

Can Remo support multiple workshops running at the same time?

Yes, under the director, producer and studio plans, you can hold concurrent events or workshops at the same time.

Is there a way to filter search for a specific attendee when you’re at a networking event?

You can search for a specific attendee through the chat function. You are able to search for an attendee’s name (but not their company), and are not able to filter for a particular segment for attendees.

Can I upgrade my plan just before or during an event that I’m hosting to accommodate more attendees?

Technically, you can, however, to minimize any issues, we would recommend that you do NOT upgrade just before or during your event as our system does require a bit of time to implement the new settings of a new plan. We would suggest upgrading at least a week before your event so you can also test out any additional features that come with an upgraded plan, and familiarize yourself with any changes to the admin panel.

What methods of payment does Remo accept?

We currently only accept credit card payments through Stripe.