Freedom Deodorant

Staying fresh and smelling good makes you look confident and lively. It not only boosts your energy and mood but also of people around you

Freedom Deodorant
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Staying fresh and smelling good makes you look confident and lively. It not only boosts your energy and mood but also of people around you. Our body produces secretions as a natural body cooling effect or perspiration. These secretions, smell, and contain bacteria which causes skin rashes and other dermal diseases. 

Deodorants are made of substances applied to the skin to remove odor and make it smell fresh and good. By putting on the antiperspirant deodorant, you can smell and feel good and fresh throughout the day. It can also help remove bacteria and germs to avoid dermal diseases. It exfoliates your skin which makes it glow and smooth. In the market, deodorants are found in gel, stick, liquid, and spray forms. 



Deodorant is essential for a healthier lifestyle, but these days, most deodorants contain hazardous antiperspirants such as aluminum, leading to skin and breast cancer. Therefore, people are becoming careful about what they put on their bodies and skin. Freedom deodorant is the natural deodorant that actually works and is aluminum and paraben-free. It is vegan, and you can opt for baking soda-free as well. It is made of all-natural ingredients and guarantees 24 hours odor protection. It removes skin irritation, infection and is perfect for sensitive skin.  For ethically conscious people and animal lovers, it is cruelty-free, only tested on humans. 


Before we dive deeper into their products, let’s discuss their website, which in terms of build quality, is impressively responsive and beautifully designed to suit all kinds of audiences. Navigation and ordering are pieces of cake even for the non-tech savvy people. The interface of this website is responsive and user-friendly. The search bar, which is also highly responsive, helps you find your favorite products and suggests the most-searched items. All the dipping products by the DYC are available on their official website.

At Freedom Deodorant, you can also make your account which is as easy as pie. All you need to do is provide the basic information and run a quick email confirmation. To answer your queries, you can scroll to the Q&A tab located at the bottom, where you can read questions and answers from other customers and ask questions as well. You may also contact customer support in case you need help. Just leave a question, and they will contact you as soon as possible. You can also read reviews of other customers for a better insight, as it is always helpful to hear something straight from the horse’s mouth. Moreover, you can be part of the Freedom family by subscribing to their newsletter at the end of their page to get updates about their product discounts and new products, and blogs. In case any of their products are sold out, they have a wait.list option available where you can put your name in the waiting list and you’ll be informed once their product gets available.



Freedom Natural Deodorants

Freedom being odor-free for 24 hours with the natural formula that’s clinically proven to be effective. It has fresh scents made with only clean essential oils. They are formulated at a pH level that kills odor-causing bacteria. It is made with all clean ingredients; and is free of Aluminum, Parabens, Phthalates, & Toxic Chemicals. It has moisturizing properties so that you don't have dry or itchy pits. It is made with natural ingredients that are safer for your skin and better for your health. Their Berg-E-Mint Clear Vegan Natural Deodorant is one of the best new products. Another of their customers favorite product is travel mini deodorant. They have vegan formulated products available where you can choose Sensitive Unscented, Bergamot Mint, Frankincense Peach. For those who have sensitive skin? You can choose their baking soda-free product like Coco Van or Jasmine Blossom. They have three options available for you, single, twin pack, or three-pack bundle. They have discounts for you on all of the three options. 


Freedom Deodorants Sprays

Freedom’s everywhere deodorant or shower in a bottle, is the best deodorant to use on the go. It is made of only six ingredients, purified water (aqua), alcohol, witch hazel leaf extract, magnesium chloride powder, polyglyceryl-4 oleate and blends of essential oils. Their spray goes beyond just the armpits. To remove odor which is everywhere, this is a safe formula, for your feet, your body, and your private parts. This multi-tasker bottle also refreshes surfaces like yoga mats, shoes, etc.

Freedom Mist

Freedom mists are clean, natural and contain all safe ingredients. They have three eucalyptus option available, pure eucalyptus, Bergamot eucalyptus and Lavender Citrus eucalyptus. Made with 100% pure Eucalyptus oil, experience the relaxing scent of this powerful mist. 

Freedom Lip Balm

Freedom lip balm is certified organic lip balm. It is made of all natural and organic ingredients. It has only five ingredients, sunflower oil, beeswax, olive oil, blends of essential oils and vitamin E NON-GMO.

Freedom Sanitizer

Freedom sanitizers is made with CDC formulation, with no added preservatives, BPA, or parabens. It is made from only six ingredients denatured alcohol, purified water, glycerin, aloe vera, blend of essential oils and isopropyl and ethanol alcohol. You can keep it with you everywhere, hand sanitize and also to stay moisturized.

Customer Reviews

Freedom deodorant has happy customers from all over the world. Here are a few reviews from those customers.

Angela L. from United States said, “This is a high-quality hand sanitizer with a pleasant scent. My hands don’t seem to dry out as much with this brand. Definitely recommend have this on hand when you can't get to soap and water.”

Tara says, "I've been using FREEDOM for about 4 years, and I love having safe products that I can buy for me and my daughters. The deodorants smell amazing and I never have to worry about smelling when I wear this. I also love that the company gives back to breast cancer. This is truly a brand I support and stand behind; they have a customer for life!"


If you want to get the best deodorant which works for 24 hours a day and also keeps you safe from side effects such as breast cancer, Freedom has the product ready for you. Freedom deodorants are very effective to use and smells like heaven.