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Suppose you prefer to stay in your room all day long. You surely might need activities to keep yourself occupied. One of the favorite activities of millennials is playing games

Suppose you lack social skills or just prefer to stay in your room all day long. You surely might need activities to keep yourself occupied. One of the favorite activities of millennials is playing games online and offline. Due to HD and 3D technological advancements and innovations, online games have taken on people's lives as well as on their minds. Especially during Covid quarantine, people had to take refuge in such activities. People revived playing old games with families such as tic tac toe, playing cards, chess, scrabble, and Uno, etc. However, the online gaming industry took on a toll. According to one of the online articles, the gaming audience has jumped to 28 million people in the US since March 2020, with a 28% increment in mobile gaming. The gaming audience jumped to 8.6 million in the UK, with a 50% increment in mobile gaming.


Your priorities might be staying inside and reading a book, or you might have a special physical need that does not permit you to go outside. To entertain yourself, family and friends, you might want to play games. Game Nerdz since 2005 is the place for you. You’ll find all kinds of Indoor activities or nerdy games, online or offline video games, cardboard games, movies, arcades, and books. 



Before we dive deeper into their products, let’s discuss the Game Nerdz website, which is impressively responsive and beautifully designed to suit all kinds of audiences in terms of build quality. Navigation and ordering are pieces of cake even for the non-tech savvy people. The interface of this website is responsive and user-friendly. The search bar, which is also highly responsive, helps you find your favorite products and suggests the most-searched items. All their products are available on their official website. Another amazing feature is the filters that let you view products according to your budget, alphabetically, newest to oldest number of players, age, brands, and even according to playtime. 

At Game Nerdz, you can also make your account which is as easy as pie. All you need to do is provide the basic information and run a quick email confirmation. Moreover, you can get all the updates by signing up for their newsletter at the end of their page, about their product discounts and deals, deal of the day, and new releases. If any of their products are sold out, they have a pre-order option available where you can put your name in the list, and you’ll be informed once the product gets available.



Board Games

Board games are the best if you have friends over or are throwing a party for your fellows or even for increasing the creativity of your kids. Gamez Nerdz has a wide variety of board games for you. If you click on their website, you’ll find boards for your young kids, adult kids, and even yourself. You’ll find the latest to the oldest board games available in their store.  

Card Games

Card games have been played for centuries. With media and technological advancements now, you can find any card game you want or like. They have all types of card games for you. The special collections are Dragon Ball Super, Keyforge, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Transformers, Yu-Gi-OH, and many many more collections are in the stores for you. 


Game Nerdz has a vast collection of miniatures. Their collection includes Battlestar Galactica, Dungeon and Dragons, Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Infinity, Marvel, Star War Armada, Star War Legion, Star Trek, Warmachine and Horde, and many more for you.



Dice Games

They have 26 amazing dice games in their store. Their dice games include Marvel, DC Dice Master, Dungeon and Dragons, Zombie Dice, Black White Dice, La Granja, Fudge RPG: Dice Ivory, and Aw Craps.

Role-Playing Games

Game Nerdz has a fantastic collection of Role-playing games. They have 5th Edition Fantasy, Battletech, Conan RPG, Dungeon Call Classic, Dungeon and Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Star War, Cypher System, and Traveler, and more. You can find the latest and the oldest edition available to any of the role-playing games series they have, and they have almost all the role-play games out there for you.

Books and Supplies

They have a collection of more than two hundred games books including the Rift series. Game Nerdz has all the accessories for gamers such as decks, deck protector, Deck cases for all type of cards,  paint set, base primers, Binders, game genie sleeves, Ultra Pro Sleeves, Standard Card Sleeves, Box Inserts of all sizes, in paints they have shade paints, base paints, other exclusive paint sets, metal coins, game mats, and pocket pages and more supplies for you.

Toys and Action Figures

Game Nerdz has all sorts of toys featuring gaming figures. They have Bandia, Catan Studio, Days of Wonders, Diamonds Select, Funko, KIDROBOT, Medicom, and Toy Vaults. The game collection they keep, they have the character toys and figures so you can keep your PlayStation decorated with your favorite ones.



Game Nerdz has 40 plus puzzles for you in the store. Puzzles are suitable for your mental stimulation, for stress relief, and also you can put them as part of parties. You order puzzles of the latest games they have out there. 

Customers Review and Support

Game Nerdz has a highly interactive customer support system. If you have a query, contact their support system through their live chat or the contact number mentioned on their website, they will reply to you on the spot. You can even email them your question, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Apart from the regular Q&A, the website will provide you with the necessary information, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other customer’s hold FAQs. With all their products, they have reviews in a specific section, and a five stars option is given for every item, which will help you know the honest opinion from their customers. 


If you have gaming mania, Game Nerdz is the place where you can get all the latest games and puzzles, books, sketches, cards, toys, and other game accessories. They have many deals and discounts for you, like the above 75$ shop delivery is free.